The Mother Lode

Well here it is. I bought the splitting hairs domain three years ago and this is my first post. It’s not because I was too busy. Or because I didn’t have anything to say. It’s because I wanted to say something worthwhile that would resonate with people (who? I don’t know). So I built it up in my head, constantly questioning whether what I had to say was sufficiently ‘meaningful’ enough. The task became more and more daunting and eventually I abandoned the effort.

Then I had a baby. 

It is the most frightening, wonderful, whirlwind experience. In my career life, I manage million dollar projects. But nothing could prepare me for this twelve pounder who is currently napping beside me (napping!? yay!).

Is this a mommy blog? Maybe. I’m not sure what it is yet. But between zero sleep, diaper changes, crying, learning to breastfeed and learning to survive with a child, I realize that I need a creative outlet with which to grapple this new concept of motherhood. A place to let off steam, to share in the amazing moments, and to stimulate my brain (I am still an individual right? Right now it’s hard to tell where my baby ends and I begin). Sometimes I might talk about the joys and challenges of new motherhood. Sometimes I might talk about an amazing coffee shop I discovered. Sometimes I might be funny (I think I’m funny). Other times elated, sad, angry, confused, rant-y, in awe…

I might post everyday. Maybe every month. We’ll see.

When I bought the domain name, I intended a tongue-in-cheek commentary on Canadian politics*. Now, splitting hairs has a more literal meaning. And, with a twelve week old, I might need to rename it Greying Splitting Hairs.

Welcome to the mother lode. Thanks for reading.


*There may still be tongue-in-cheek commentary on Canadian politics. Stay tuned.

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